Write a 1000-word short story

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12 days

Job Description

People have told me that my writing is captivating, exciting, and descriptive. I love to create worlds and populate them with living, breathing people that do things that we could only dream, such as cast magic spells, discover an assassin’s secret plot, or win their true love. I offer my services as a short story fiction writer to anyone who wants their dream story to become a reality.

A default, $5-gig is 1000 words, though I am very willing to work with custom offers for other amounts as well.

For any story over 1000 words, I create a "scene synopsis" that outlines the story, which will be attached to the final project.

I write primarily fantasy and science fiction, but I can write other genres as well, except for erotica.

I try to get the story done within a week, but in case of a longer story, I might need more time.

If you have any questions, please ask!


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