The global marketplace where blockchain firms and freelancers meet is a global freelance marketplace for blockchain, programming, design and social media services. alpha version has been launched in 2015 and since then has thousands of registered users. 

Kaaso’s mission is to scale the freelance economy and to empower individuals to work on projects while residing at various geographical locations around the world. 

Kaaso also aims to help tech companies, blockchain businesses, and startups effortlessly find freelancers at the best possible price point. Our long term goal is to integrate the Kaaso marketplace into the platform and steps on the integration have already been taken.


Token Essentials


  • Limited total supply : 120 000 000 KAASO
  • Limited circulation supply: 600 000 KAASO
  • High project potential : $1+ trillion global market
  • High token liquidity and fast Integration with at least 3 exchanges 
  • Fully working platform with thousands of users since 2015
  • Pure utility token with a commercial impact on high-end freelance services




KAASO is a utility ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The token will serve as a unified currency for buying and selling services within the marketplace.

Name: KAASO 

Symbol/Ticker: KAASO 

Precision (decimals): 18 

Token address: 0xf6bf74a97d78f2242376769ef1e79885cf1f0c1c 

Total Supply: 120,000,000 

Circulation Supply: 600,000