2014 – The idea of a global digital marketing & freelance ecosystem was born 

2015 – Kaaso.com alpha version launch

2016 – Kaaso.com reached 1500 active users




  • In February Webhits.io launched alpha version
  • Webhits.io reached 5000 registered users
  • ICOBay Group of directory sites was established – 52 ICO directory sites were launched




  • Webhits.io beta platform development has started
  • Webcoin(WEB) token trades on 24 cryptocurrency exchanges
  • ICOBay launched IBT token and integrated payments for both IBT and WEB tokens within the ICOBay Group of sites
  • ICOBay Group of sites continue to expand – total of 60 websites were launched
  • WEB & IBT tokens integrated on all major cryptocurrency indexes including Coinmarketcap & Coingecko, included also in Blockfolio, Delta Direct & Bituniverse apps with over 7,000,000 users
  • December 30, Webhits.io reached 10,000 registered users. The Webhits.io alpha was shut down and replaced with the new beta platform website.




  • Partnerships expansion
  • Webhits.io beta was launched
  • Preparation for Kaaso.com private sale launch



  • Kaaso.com has a fully working platform(not crypto integration yet)
  • Kaaso beta platform development for the KAASO token integration starts
  • KAASO private sale & cryptocurrency exchanges listings




  • Kaaso.com beta testing & KAASO token integration in the Kaaso.com marketplace
  • Kaaso.com beta platform launch
  • KAASO token exchanges expansion
  • Global marketing campaign to raise more awareness & for users acquisition
  • Partnerships expansion