Buyers are companies or individuals in need for freelance services. Reasonably high demand for services can be expected because of KAASO’s competitive private sale price, limited circulation supply and market positioning. Our value proposition is to offer more quality services for less money. 



Sellers are individuals who offer freelance services for a fee. A seller’s duty is to provide a certain amount of work in the form of services like programming, digital marketing, video editing, logo design, etc. The seller would be motivated to deliver the service because a rewarding portion of KAASO revenue will amount to his service fee.



KAASO will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, so that freelancers can easily cash out their earnings. Buyers will also be able to buy KAASO tokens from exchanges. itself will also actively trade on the exchanges in order to manage any arising short-term KAASO supply needs.



Arbitrage occurs when 2 parties operating within in the marketplace disagree on the quality and integrity of the work performed. For example, a buyer creates a service request which the platform sends to a youtuber who completes the work only partially then submits back to the advertiser for a review. Should the buyer reject the work done, the platform will step in as the arbiter between the two parties and resolve the issue.